Our Curriculum 2019-2020

For a copy of our Curriculum Intent and Implementation statement, please see a member of the upper leadership team

For a more detailed, comprehensive and updated version of our curriculum maps and progression documents (September 2019), please contact a member of the Upper Leadership Team

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Our Creative Curriculum

At Fullwood Primary we follow a creative and cross-curricular approach where learning is taught through ‘journeys’.  Each of our learning journeys contains:

A Stunning Starter – starting the topic with awe, wonder and excitement!

A Marvellous Middle – this might be an educational visit or visitor or a special event

A Fabulous Finish – a celebration event to which parents and carers are often invited

This term our learning journeys are:


Autumn 2019


Once upon a time - coming once all our children have started in our reception classes


Around the World in 80 days!

Y3 & 4

Mummies, Tombs & Treasures

Y5 & 6

Journey to Space

* Learning Journey Booklets will be coming out for this term very soon

All children have 5 hours of English and Mathematics each week. 

All children have at least one guided reading session a week in which there is a focus on developing decoding and segmenting skills, as well as improving reading comprehension

All children have a minimum of 2 hours physical activity each week.

Religious Education and Personal, Social Health Education are mostly taught separately from the learning journey, although this is not always the case.


Phonics (the sounds that letters make)

We follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ approach to teaching phonics to our children.  If you would like to read further information on this approach, you can follow the link below:



Many parents find this website very useful for helping their children at home with letters and sounds http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/


Children will bring home a reading book, appropriate to their reading skills, each day to read with an adult at home.  The books are organised in colour bands and as children develop their reading skills, they will move through the different coulr bands until they are 'free readers' and can choose to read any book they wish.  We encourage children from Year 2 onwards to develop independence and choose their own books to take home.  In reception and Year 1, adults will support the child in changing their books.


The National Curriculum

Please follow this link to view the current National Curriculum.


Promoting SMSC (Social, moral, spiritual and cultural values) at Fullwood

Please click here for more information about SMSC (through the personal development page)


Promoting British Values at Fullwood

Please click here for more information about how we promote British values. (through the personal development page)