Early Years Reception Parents Coffee Morning

This morning we hosted a coffee morning for parents and carers of children in Reception classes.  Miss Jones led the session which saw many of our parents having coffee together and hearing a presentation about the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

The session included key information about how the children learn in the early years and how assessment is used  to keep track of what the children have been learning and how they have progressed.

Parents were also given handouts and a link to Development Matters  

The session was very well received and here are some quotes from parent feedback


"Very good presentation - thank you - Jiya says she only plays at school so it is nice to see how the curriculum is taught.  Thank you for doing a great job"

"Very informative and excellent presentation"

"A very useful snapshot"

"Lots of useful information and shown the website where we can get more detailed information about learning goals"

"The star was Miss Jones.  A very informative meeting and made it easy to understand"

"Meeting was good insight into what is expected.  Thanks Miss Jones"

"Coffee and biscuits - always good! Good and helpful presentation.  Good to have availability of teachers and learning assistants to answer questions and opportunity to talk to other parents"

"A very informative session.  Nice to know about EYFS and what is expected at the end of the year"

"I learn what they need for reception"

"It was very good meeting and very helpful"

"Good and easy to understand. Nice to meet teachers and discuss about our children"

"It was good to know what they've done and need to achieve"

"Nice and informative - it helps. Thank you Miss Jones"

"Good to know overall targets and what parents can do at home to support"

"Everything is perfect.  Very helpful information.  We'll try at home to improve their skills"

"Really informative session - great to have the opportunuty to get an idea of assessment for Early Years"

"Good meeting - very informative"


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