Gilwell Park - Day 2

Hi Fullwood Family,

We are again writing to you after the most exciting and exhausting day at Gilwell!

Today we have chosen 3 people from each of our groups to share a moment that stands out from their day.

Faraaz - I felt proud when I completed the aerial track; it was really high and shaky!

Siya - I reached the goal of climbing to the top of a wooden 20ft stack!

Tess - I bravely conquered my fear on the zip wire! I was the hero of my group :)

these are only 3 sharings from our 32 brilliant people who have, for the second day, proven they are mature, outstanding and are ready for the next step into secondary school.

We are now ready to sleep. We wish you all well, and will let you know about our amazing adventures again tomorrow! Year 6 and staff.

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