The Governing Body has responsibility for the school’s general direction, including curriculum, finance, personnel, buildings, health and safety and security.  The Headteacher is responsible for the internal organization and management of the school.  Current membership: (Click on Governors names to read more about them)

Parent Governors:

Mrs A. Ali (Term ends 20/9/2019)
Mr U. Yousaf (Term ends 24/2/2021)
Mrs S. Lewis (Term ends 24/2/2021)

Staff Governors:

Mr D. Visvanathan (Executive Headteacher)

Mr S. Ward & Mrs R. Bateman (Observers in attendance)

Local Authority Governors:

Cllr. K. Prince (Term ends 21/6/2019)

Community Governors:

Mr G. Billingham (Chair) (Term ends 10/3/2021)

Mr T. Charles (Term ends 10/3/2021)

Mrs A. Wynter-Lashley (Term ends 10/3/2021)

Mrs D. Streatfield (Term ends 19/6/2020)

To view the committee structure for 2018-2019 please click here (awaiting ratification)

To view the Governors attendance schedule and pecuniary interests disclosure register please click here

Pecuniary Interests - There were no pecuniary interests disclosed at the last meeting.