Keeping Cool

Much of England, including London, may experience “heatwaveconditions this week, so Public Health England (PHE) is urging people to think how it may impact them.


This warning is triggered when the Met Office forecasts that there is a 60% or higher chance of temperatures being high enough on at least 2 consecutive days and the intervening night to have a significant effect on health.


We want everyone to be able to enjoy the good weather safely. Older people, young children, and those with long-term illnesses are particularly vulnerable to the effects of very hot weather, so it is important to look out for them by helping them to take plenty of cool drinks, for example.


There are simple steps that people can take to keep safe in the heat and these include:


           keeping out of the sun between 11am to 3pm

           applying sunscreen of at least SPF15 with UVA protection

           wearing UV sunglasses, preferably wraparound, to reduce UV exposure to the eyes

           wearing light, loose-fitting cotton clothes, a hat and light scarf

           drinking lots of cool drinks

           looking out for others especially vulnerable groups such as older people, young children and babies, and those with serious illnesses

           never leaving anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children, or animals.


Try to keep indoor areas as cool as possible by closing the curtains on windows that receive the sun and open your windows at cooler times of the day and overnight when you can. Turn off non-essential lights and electrical items as these generate heat.


Many members of the Muslim community may be fasting during the current period of Ramadan. During hot weather it is important to balance food and fluid intake between fasts and especially to drink enough water. The Muslim Council of Britain and the NHS have published lots of useful information for those likely affected during this period.


See the Heatwave plan for England for more information. Be Sunsmart and visit the Met Office website for up-to-date forecasts. Advice on enjoying a healthy Ramadan is available from NHS Choices

Public Health England (PHE) exists to protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities. It does this through advocacy, partnerships, world-class science, knowledge and intelligence, and the delivery of specialist public health services. PHE is an operationally autonomous executive agency of the Department of Health. Website: Twitter: @PHE_uk / @PHE_London, Facebook:



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