School Journey - Monday 19 May (Part 2)

Hello all,

We have had a fantastic first day at Gilwell Park.  We arrived earlier than expected and was treated to a guided tour of Gilwell Park by our super tour guide Dean.  Dean showed us to our cabin and the rooms we would be staying in for the week,  we were all really excited by our rooms.  Dean spoke to us about what we were going to be doing for the day.  We split up into two groups.  Group A went off and participated in two activities,  team building and the medium ropes. Faris and Liam made it across the medium rope course with determination.  Group B were treated to a sensory walk where they were blindfolded and had to make their way through an obstacle course with the help of their partner.  Andrew and Hemal aided Abrar in tackling the tricky obstacle course.  Group B's second activity was the Gauntlet. Ryan,  Cosmic and Dhruti all completed the course in record breaking time.  After our activities we were treated to an amazing dinner and Dean would then take us on a nighttime hike through the forest which Miss Bahra and Miss Birkett really enjoyed.  All in all it has been a brilliant first day here at Gilwell Park.

Missing you all

Miss Birkett Miss Bahra Mr Luequee Elwood and all the children xx

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