School Journey -Tuesday 20 May - Day 2

Hi all,

Day 2 has been an another amazing day albeit very tiring.  We were woken up at 7 and Joshua got ready in record time. After we were all dressed and ready we went to the cafeteria for some amazing breakfast.  Dean then explained our activities for the day which we were all excited to do.  Group A had archery, the zip wire,  aerial trek and crate stacking. During archery everyone managed to hit the target but Faris was a superstar at the archery and hit the golden target 3 times.  During the zip wire Trenyce conquered her fears to climb the high pole to then complete the zip wire.  Group B were treated to zip wire, pedal go karts,  team building and crate stacking.  Everyone was really fast during the pedal go karts especially Nicole and Cosmic.  Andrew treated us to his drifting skills on the go kart.   The crate stacking was a very fun event which everyone did at the same time.  Crates were stacked very high and loads of crates came tumbling down.  Mr Fletcher,  Mr Luequee,  Miss Bahra and Miss Birkett competed to see who could stack the highest crates and climb the highest. After all our exciting activities we had some dinner.  Dean then explained our evening game which was a massive game of cluedo where the teachers were dressed up in very silly outfits,  one of them was even a massive carrot. 

Mr Luequee,  Miss Birkett, Miss Bahra and all the children.  Missing you all xx

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